Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking a look at the Achievement Gap in Berkeley Public Schools

Let's face it: African American and Latino or Hispanic students are not receiving the education they deserve in Berkeley Public Schools.  While our white and Asian students are surpassing state targets, our students of color are far below the minimum target. There are multiple ways to examine the race-based achievement  in Berkeley Public Schools. Today, let’s look specifically at California’s Academic Performance Index, or API.

What is API?
The Academic Performance Index is a score between 200 and 1000, which reflects performance on California statewide tests. The purpose is to measure academic performance and improvement of K-12 schools in California. The results can be looked at by school, local educational agency/LEA (for us that's BUSD) or student group (such as by race, socioeconomic status, English Learners or disability).

What is CA’s API Target?
California has set the target for all schools to score a minimum API of 800. If a school does not achieve 800, it is required to meet annual growth targets until 800 is achieved.
For more information, refer to the Parent Guide to California's APR System (PDF).  

So, how did the students in Berkeley do?

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