Friday, December 7, 2012

Vote in the Stop Bullying Video Challenge

There are 7 inspiring videos for the video challenge. Each of them are short (about 1 minute or less)- and have a powerful message from strong teenagers who were willing to stand up against bullying and have their voices heard. While anyone can be a victim bullying (not just those who are negatively impacted by the achievement gap), I'm posting this here for several reasons:
  • EVERYONE can play a role in combating bullying (as you can see from the videos, it just takes one person to stand up and stop it)
  •  Just like anyone who has serious challenges (like living in poverty, physical or emotional abuse at home, serious illness), students who are victims of bullying face enormous battles which often take the place of excelling in school. By supporting the WHOLE child, we can help these students reach their full potential.
You can watch all of the videos here- click on your favorite one and select "vote."

Here are my two favorites. They both brought tears to my eyes and left me feeling empowered by what I can do to stand up for someone being bullied:

Which is your favorite?

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