Monday, December 3, 2012

You are here---What Will Your Legacy Be?

Every once in awhile we have an opportunity to meet someone who awes us- with their courage, humility, strength and wisdom. Woody Roseland is one of those people. In the past five years, since he was a senior in high school, Woody has survived cancer 5 times and has had his left calf amputated.  I have the privilege of spending three days this week with Woody at LifeBound's Academic Coaches' Training in Denver. "Woody is a highly motivated individual who passionately pursues a variety of ventures. He is a speaker, five-time cancer survivor, standup comedian, podcaster, student and Denver's best looking amputee."

I want to share with you Woody's 8 minute talk from Tedx Mile High from this past summer. Be forewarned: this viewer was not dry eyed, but I was also incredibly moved and inspired.

This is one (of the many) segments that really resonated with me:
"If you can achieve all of your goals, dreams and ambitions in your lifetime, then believe me when I say you're not thinking big enough. What if we made it our singular mission to help others and improve this world? Is there risk involved with helping others? Putting yourself out there? Donating your time and your money? Absolutely. But, it's gotten to the point where the risk associated with not helping anyone is so much monumentally greater than any possible risk of action. So much so that to not make a conscious effort to help others and to make this world a better place is morally reprehensible."

While this video isn't directly related to the achievement gap in Berkeley, that's actually EXACTLY what it's about (for me). It's reminding me about the importance of this fight- of providing every child with an excellent education- and the reality that WE CAN NOT STOP until it's been achieved. 

What's Woody's message about for you?

Woody gets the last word for today: "You are here. What are you going to do about it?"

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