Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School Board proclaims February 2013 as African American History Month

The BUSD school board will be meeting again this week, Wednesday, January 23. The public session begins at 7:30 PM at 2134 MLK, Jr Way. The full agenda and accompanying packet can be found on the board information page of the district website.

One item before the board is to proclaim February 2013 as African American History Month, which takes place nationally.  Below is the proclamation (found on page 16 of the packet), sharing the rationale for why it's so important for all students to learn about the rich cultural heritage and challenges of the African American community.

Additional information and Resources can be found on the national African American History Month website. If you have additional ideas for how to celebrate this important month, please share comments below, on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

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