Monday, February 11, 2013

Jan 23 School Board Meeting comments on bullying and MLK Jr celebration

At the January 23 School Board Meeting,  there were two comments made during the Board and Superintendent comments that pertain to addressing the achievement gap in our schools. The first is around keeping our students safe from bullying both on campus and off. The second is around celebrating the achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr, local leaders and students.

School Board Vice President Josh Daniels shared that students can now be disciplined at school for bullying students on social networking sites:
“Any activity, particularly bullying, that you engage in through a social networking site, such as Facebook, will have discipline consequences for you at school, assuming that this regulation passes.” 

Co-superintendent Neil Smith thanked the hosts of Martin Luther King, Jr celebration and congratulated the recipients of awards:
“I wanted to thank the city, the university and the Berkeley Alliance for organizing a tremendous celebration of Martin Luther King on Monday morning, which brought together community, civic and church leaders. And I want to congratulation Dr Marvis Peoples, the church leader at Mission Hill Baptist Church, who was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. And I also want to recognize the two students from Martin Luther King (Middle School) who were given awards: Anjuli Arreola-Burl and Allie Bailey. Both of them were honored for their essay and their artwork."  
You can see photos and read more about the event on the district website and Berkeleyside.

You can access all BUSD school board meeting agendas, packets and updates (which include links to videos of all segments of the public meetings) on the Board Meeting Information page of BUSD.  

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