Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4th grade students speak out on behalf of classmate who's been detained

In an earlier post, I shared information on Rodrigo Guzman, the 4th grader at Jefferson Elementary who is currently being prevented by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement from returning home to Berkeley following a vacation to Mexico with his parents. Mabel Yee and her son, Kyle Kuhawara, who is in Rodrigo's class, attended the school board meeting on Wednesday, March 13 and Yee said the resolution on behalf of Rodrigo and his family passed unanimously.

Yee shared, "Three of Rodrigo's classmates spoke and received a standing ovation from the audience for their powerful, eloquent statements. My son read his letter addressed to President Obama. It's an example of how profoundly our kids are impacted by this, how they're applying what they learn from school about civil rights and also the great writing skills they've learned at Jefferson/BUSD." 

Here is Kyle's powerful letter to President Obama:

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