Friday, March 29, 2013

BEARS summer enrichment program for low-income students

The summer months are an opportunity for students to play, explore and rejuvenate. Unfortunately, far too many students fall behind academically in what's often referred to as the "summer slide." Middle class families can often afford to send their children to summer camps and enrichment activities. But, children from lower income backgrounds often don't have access to similar experiences, causing the opportunity gap to widen between school years.

The BEARS summer enrichment program will run this summer, primarily for low-income students. Applications are now available and due May 10. Below is information from LeConte School. You can learn more, including contact information for the program on the Berkeley Public Schools website.


The application for the BEARS Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is now available. More importantly, it is due May 10th. Since this is a district-wide program, it is important to turn in the forms as soon as possible because spaces are limited. 
The summer school program is primarily for low-income families, but open to others depending on family size and income. The program begins June 24th and ends July 26th, and is offered Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:15pm. Childcare is available in the morning and afternoon. 
If you are interested you should request the application packet from the school or call the BEARS office at 510-644-7770 to find out how you can get one.

Estimados padres de familia,

La solicitud para el Programa de Enriquecimiento del Verano BEARS está ahora disponible. Más importante aún, se debe entregarla para el 10 de mayo. Como se trata de un programa en todo el distrito, es importante entregar los formularios lo antes posible porque los espacios son limitados.

El programa de la escuela del verano es principalmente para familias de bajos ingresos, pero abierto a otros dependiendo del número de personas de la familia e ingresos. El programa comienza el 24 de junio y termina 26 de julio, y se ofrece de lunes a viernes de 9am a 4:15pm. Cuidado de niños está disponible en la mañana y la tarde.

Si usted está interesado debe solicitar el paquete de solicitud de la escuela o llame a la oficina de BEARS al 510-644-7770 para averiguar cómo usted puede conseguir uno.

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