Monday, March 18, 2013

Classroom Activities to Commemorate Cesar Chavez

As mentioned in an earlier post, BUSD has named the period March 20-April 23, 2013 as a time to commemorate Cesar Chavez. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate lessons. Below is the trailer for the film The Harvest and accompanying classroom materials.

According to Ecology Center's website, "THE HARVEST/LA COSECHA is the story of the children who work 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week to pick the food that we eat. These children are not toiling in the fields in some far away land. They are working here, in our back yard, in America. Every year more than 400,000 migrant child farmworkers in the US journey from their homes traveling from the scorching sun of the Texas onion fields to the winter snows of the Michigan apple orchards, from the heat of the Florida tomato fields to the damp cherry trees in Oregon. These children are US citizens. The work for justice for farm workers continues!"

Teachers can also download classroom activities for Elementary School or Middle School and High school  7-12 to accompany the film, courtesy of the Ecology Center.

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