Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3 local events this Saturday to address the Equity Gap in our community

There are three events this coming Saturday, April 13, that are directly or indirectly addressing the causes of the equity gap in our community. I strongly encourage you to attend one to learn more about the issues impacting our youth and families, the solutions that are in place and what role you can play to help eliminate these inequities.

All of this information comes from the BOCA (Berkeley Organizing Communities in Action) enews letter.

There is a leadership forum to address the crisis affecting our African American and Latino young men at the BHS Community Theatre from 8AM to 1PM. RSVP required- see below for more information and email BHSLeadershipForum@gmail.com with questions.

There is a Shalom Training at  Epworth United Methodist Church (1953 Hopkins Street, Berkeley, CA 94707), from 9am-12:00 PM. 
Dr. Michael Christensen Director of the Shalom Initiative, Pastor at Epworth United Methodist Church, and BOCA envite you to attend the Shalom Training. The Shalom Training empowers people to seek shalom, be catalyst for positive change and systemic transformation through a six-point approach to community transformation:
S- systemic & sustainable change
H- healing, health, harmony & wholeness
A- asset-based community development
L- love for God, self, and neighbor
O- organizing for direct action
M- multicultural, multifaith collaboration
Together, we can create a Shalom Zone. 
Participate, RSVP NOW!  Shalom Zone
There is a training for clergy and congregations on the data-driven violence prevention model, Ceasefire, from 9:30AM-1:00 PM at the Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, 988 85th Ave, Oakland.

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